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Pure mineral water must maintain the origin natural elements and quality. It must not be contaminated by chemicals. The value of mineral water, then, is in its minerals originally contained in the water.
Calcium : Essential element in the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth
Magnesium : Control the nervous system and enzyme muscles.
Potassium : Help and control muscular contraction and relaxation in relative with heart beat
Fluoride : Help tooth strengthening and preventing tooth decay from acids
Nitrate : Help circulatory system control and enlarging blood vessel
Choride : Maintain body pH (acid-base) and harmonize the body fluid
Sulfate : Help minerals get absorbed through cell wall
Iyarin mineral water is manufactured through high-technology process. From the natural raw water source hidden amid big mountains, Iyarin is precipitated through sedimentation process.
After that, it is purified by deironing gravel filter and activated carbon filter to have the color and scent in the natural mineral water eradicated. Then, the hardness of the water will be dispelled through the softener. Ceramic filter is used in the next step. The water will be passed through UV system and ozonization for the germicidal process. The last step is the product examination to certify that Iyarin mineral water meets the FDA and GMP standard.
Iyarin, then, is the pure mineral water,
vital for your health,
and suits for everyone in everyday use.
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